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Alto saxophone
From top to bottom, you cant go wrong with our alto saxophones
Tenor saxophone
Professionals and students alike love our tenor saxophones
Soprano saxophone
Soprano saxophones feature excellent intonation and a beautiful singing quality
Baritone saxophone
Excellent durability make our baritone saxophones a worldwide favorite

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Taishan saxophone was appraised as Famous Trademark of China
Mr Steve came to our company for technical lecturing and guidance
Mr Zhang Wannian visited our company
Previous President Jiang Zemin presented a gift to Mr Clinton
Hello, I am interested in purchasing a baritone sax. What is the difference between the TSBS680 and the TSBS681? Can I purchase directly from your factory? I live near Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Thank you very much. Mitch
What are the differences between the 5 models of alto sax? TSAS-660 TSAS-661 TSAS-875 TSAS-4900 TSAS-5000 Which one is your best professional alto sax (the top one)? How can I purchase a saxophone from you?
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